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Warm welcome to Germany’s foremost Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility!
The German CSR Forum – International Forum for Sustainability and Futureability is the biggest platform in German-speaking countries for exchanging knowledge and experience with regard to CSR and sustainability among experts from economy, politics, NGOs and media. A lot of new ideas concerning sustainability and CSR strategies emerge during the discussions in this conference. And further trainings are offered to anyone who is interested in these topics. Together, we can promote sustainable development!

On this platform, you will find all important information about this forum. Since this website is still in its very early stages, please excuse that not all of the german information is translated into english yet.

12. German CSR-Forum
Congress 2014

The 10th German CSR-Forum – International Forum for Sustainability and Futureability was held on the 7th and 8th of May 2014. We would like to thank everybody for a succesful and exciting event – all of the speakers and moderators, exhibitors, finalists and prize winners of the German CSR Award, the jury and the advisory board, as well as all sponsors, co-organizers, supporters and great helpers.

We are already looking forward to the 11th German CSR-Forum at the 20th and 21th of April 2015.

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Agenda of the 10th German CSR Forum